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  1. I saw exactly the people I predicted, the app is absolutely real ??

  2. 4 saat sonra 3000 takip�i geldi??

  3. Admin kim bilmiyorum ama tebrikler

  4. 4 saat sonra 3000 takip�i geldi??

  5. I guessed some, I think this app is really true ??

  6. he is seriously working ??

  7. dude, can someone follow me for 2 years?

  8. I don’t understand why you stalk me

  9. abone hilesi says:

    Helal olsun tebriklerrr ??????

  10. gerçekten veriyor tesekkür ederim??

  11. inanmiyordum ama gördüm

  12. Friends, I looked at the comments and entered 2 hours later, mine came ??

  13. Veriler sanirim gerçek çünki tahmin ettigim çikti

  14. Çalisiyor bilginize??

  15. Beyler ne zaman geldigini önemi yok bence saat önemi yok siteye giris yaptiktan sonra geliyor mu geliyor bosverin gerisini

  16. bunu ögrendigim çok iyi oldu ??

  17. Gizli Hayranlarimi Ögrenmis oldum

  18. arkadaslar yorumlara bakip girdim 2 saat sonra geldi benimkisi??

  19. The site is successful, I think it’s coming late, followers??

  20. Stalkerlarimi Ögredim

  21. You’ve been following for 2 years, at least write it down, you’re unscrupulous ????

  22. Seeing my ex is kind of like ??

  23. Arrived 10 minutes later my followers thank you

  24. You’ve been following for 2 years, at least write it down, you’re unscrupulous ????

  25. If these are true, the ground will move ??

  26. inanmiyordum ama geldi ben sok 2 3 bin falan geldi

  27. It’s a very good app, I didn’t expect this much ??

  28. gerçekten veriyor tesekkür ederim??

  29. lan ciddi ciddi çalisiyorr ??

  30. A Really Excellent Application Good luck

  31. beni neden stalkliyorsunuz anlamis degilim ama ögrendigim iyi oldu ??

  32. gerçekten veriyor tesekkür ederim??

  33. I hope it works every day without interruption

  34. incoming followers do it on rt and fav??

  35. I entered according to the comments and came followers thank you ??

  36. bu uygulamayi kim yaptiysa ellerine saglik ????????????

  37. takipçi yagiyooooooooooooooooooo ?? 3100 tane geldi

  38. my followers have arrived thank you??

  39. He came 1 hour after mine and Turkish is active.

  40. Health to the hands of the person who made the application, it works smoothly ????

  41. what to say to ex girlfriend

  42. suan çildiriyorum gördükçe ????

  43. oooo kimler kimler var hayretler içerisindeyimm??

  44. En kisa sürede instagram versiyonunu istiyorumm ??

  45. Friends, I logged into this site yesterday, but my followers came after 12 hours, not 2 or 3 hours, I guess everyone is different??

  46. dude, can someone follow me for 2 years?

  47. ulan herkes tokatçi olmus ama bu adam gönderdi helal valla??

  48. Organik kullanicilar olunca güzel oluyor böyle??

  49. I thought I was stalking the boy I love, but it turned out that the room was stalking me, I open immediately 🙂

  50. ulan 2 yildir takip edermi bir insan

  51. Today we learned about our secret admirers…

  52. I want the instagram version as soon as possible ??

  53. lan ciddi ciddi çalisiyorr ??

  54. Health to the hands of the person who made the application, it works smoothly ????

  55. I don’t understand why you stalk me

  56. You’ve been following for 2 years, at least write it down, you’re unscrupulous ????

  57. Seeing my ex is kind of like ??

  58. Friends, I logged into this site yesterday, but my followers came after 12 hours, not 2 or 3 hours, I guess everyone is different??

  59. eski sevgiliye ne denmeli 🙂

  60. It’s really amazing what’s up 🙂

  61. Siteye giris yaptiktan sonra çikan kisiler mi???

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  72. Siteye giris yaptiktan sonra çikan kisiler mi???

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  74. Well done to whoever made this app ????????????

  75. I never thought I would see people who viewed my profile on twitter 🙂

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